Brent Perry featured in April edition of Maritime Reporter, page 28-31. Short excerpt below.  Written by William Stoichevski

This is historic, we tell ourselves, as PBES founder Brent Perry walks us around his still labor-intensive “bat­tery factory” in the heart of Norway, from where ship owner capital controls half of the world’s offshore tonnage. Perry, a shipbuilder himself, has chosen to house his first production center here in the haunt of another ship builder, Selfa Arctic, whose move north left for Perry a young cadre of college ­educated workers. They’ll build PBES ‘s stackable configurations of batteries that do not catch fire. Lithium cells’ penchant for catching fire or going into meltdown – so-called thermal runaway – has been the bane of an industry, as it struggles to produce a set that withstands the rigours of actual marine use. European environmental authority tests of”leading” designs showed they were not. Only Pe1Ty’s solution – steeped in decades of energy storage thinking from Western Canada’s lithium battery brain trust – has shown bankable and insurable safety, power management and surplus horsepower.

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