Pangea Marine Trade offers PBES energy storage to marine customers in Southern Europe

PBES and Pangea Marine Trade announced the agreement to represent PBES energy storage for hybrid and fully electric commercial marine vessels in Southern Europe. This underscores the on-going green shift that is now occurring in the commercial marine industry.
“The hybrid power system of today is smart, proven technology, designed for ease of integration and uninterrupted performance,” said Brent Perry, Chief Executive Officer, PBES. “PBES energy storage is ideal to optimize the vessels Pangea’s customers are currently supplying to the marine industry”.

“We are pleased to announce the agreement with PBES,” stated Mete Özalp, Managing Director, Pangea. “Much of the future of shipping will be based on hybrid and electric propulsion. After we evaluated the industry option; as well as the sustainable movement around the globe, the advantages of PBES liquid cooling were clear, and the company’s service driven values fit well with our own.

The PBES energy storage system has been designed to the highest standards of performance and safety and is designed to seamlessly integrate with all top OEM propulsion systems.