Clean Energy SOLUTIONS

that save money from day one.

Shift – delivering clean energy solutions based on leading-edge energy storage systems. Meeting climate action goals through electrification and unlocking the potential of new technologies through hybrid solutions.

Customized Clean Energy Solutions

Electrify your vessels or on-land project fully or hybrid and save up to 80% of your operating costs
Equivalent to 1560 tons of GHG emissions saved per year. emissions

Fixed Battery Systems

Our fixed battery solutions are designed as a modular, stackable and configurable energy storage system to maximize space.
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Swappable Battery

A first of it’s kind-”Pay-As-You-Go” service delivering clean and reliable renewable energy. Typical energy storage barriers of cost, size, weight and charging times are all drastically reduced.
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Electrification using the safest batteries with the longest life.

Safety has to be our top priority, the good news is the technology is in place. Designed by ship builders and sailors to operate in the harshest ocean climates safely and reliably. We keep your propellers turning.

Safest batteries in the industry. Full Stop.

We take the lives and wellbeing of the mariners, vessel passengers, port workers and others very seriously. We continue to set – and raise – the safety benchmark across the industry.

Established Innovators

Climate Solution Leaders

From the first battery powered OSV, to the first fully replaceable cell systems, and now the PwrSwäp ecosystem service, our team has been at the forefront of marine battery innovation.

2015 Developed world's first liquid cooled module
2018 Aurora becomes world's largest electric ship
2020 Cell Nail Test passed first in the world
2021 Relaunch as Shift, launch PwrSwäp, a new pay-as-you-go electricity subscription

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Join us in our mission to zero emissions.
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Inland Waterways & Short Sea Shipping
Isolated Off-grid Communities & Industrial Sites
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Join The Movement

Join us in our mission to zero emissions.