Case Study

Client ForSea Project Date Completed in 2017 Project Information
  • Category: Ferry
  • System: 4160 kWh
  • Country: Sweden

Basic Info

The Aurora is a fully electric passenger ferry. It measures 238 meters (780 ft) and weighs 8,414 tonnes. It operates on a 4 km ferry route between Helsingborg (Sweden) and Helsingör (Denmark). The massive ship carries 7.4 million passengers and 1.9 million vehicles annually.

System Specifications: The system is comprised of 640 6.5 kWh batteries installed on top of the ferry in containers. Cables run from the containers to connecting points at each end of the ship.

Charging: All pre-docking procedures are based on 3D laser scanning and wireless communication between ship and shore. During the last 400 mm of the ferry’s approach the robot will reach out and pull the shore cable from the ship. The cable reel releases the cable and the robot moves the connectors to the corresponding connectors below the robot. After the connection is made, the robot moves back to the home position and the roll-up doors closes. The robot will reside inside its own building when not in use.

Zero Emissions

ForSea Ferries have chosen to charge their batteries with “green electricity”, from non-fossil fuel sources such as wind, water and solar energy. This means that there are no emissions from the two battery-operated vessels.