Vancouver, Canada/ Trondheim, Norway – November 25, 2015 – Lithium-ion Pioneers from PBES today announced the worlds first ever commercialized thermal runaway suppression system.

The historic challenge for lithium-ion batteries has always been that they catch fire.

No More.


In lithium-ion battery-powered goods such as laptop computers and electric cars and in larger systems like grid energy storage, one of the most significant barriers to entry in the marketplace has been the fundamental safety of the batteries.  PBES has solved this problem.

The pioneers of the lithium energy storage industry have now introduced the first fireproof lithium-ion battery system that manages safety at the cell level.

In multiple tests, without a single failure, PBES has demonstrated kilowatt to megawatt scale ability to completely control and eliminate thermal runaway. Until now, thermal runaway mitigation in a commercially available product has never before been achieved. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) successfully stopped thermal runaway but it was in a lab setting using liquid nitrogen for cooling.

The incorporation of the patent pending Thermal-StopTM, CellCoolTM and E-VentTM systems, combined with industry leading advanced energy management system, provide safety and protection from the cell level up to the system level.

PBES invites observers to see this for themselves. Participants can register to observe lithium-ion batteries safely being pushed to previously unthinkable levels at the PBES facility in Vancouver Canada.

Ideally suited for: renewable energy to grid, grid based systems, industrial marine, port machinery, commercial transportation, data center UPS, defense and homeland security, island and other grid or remote community applications.

“The harder a system works, the better energy storage can support it, and the faster the customer’s return on investment.” Said Brent Perry, CEO of PBES. “Modeled on the standards of the IEC and the third party class group type approval criteria of DNV-GL, Lloyds Register and American Bureau of Shipping, PBES engineered solutions are the template for energy storage for the next twenty years.”

Brent will be attending the COP21 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris December where he will be presenting about lithium-ion battery safety, advancing technology and the electrification of commercial marine vessels in European markets. Please email to find out more information about Mr. Perry’s presentation.

PBES solutions are currently offered with NMC and Titanate cell chemistry, with performance starting at 3C RMS, and lifespan up to 10 years. Payback is typically within 1-3 years.

About PBES
PBES provides engineering and strategic design services to the industrial energy storage industry. Comprised of some of the top thinkers in the energy storage field, PBES applies next generation engineering to industrial, marine and grid energy storage applications.