Environmental organization Bellona collaborates with clean technology firm on environmental stewardship

PBES and Bellona cooperating to provide clean energy storage to maritime and industry

Oslo, Norway – June 21, 2016 – Plan B Energy Storage (PBES), a global leader in energy storage for industrial applications, and Bellona, Norway’s leading environmental organization, announced today their collaboration to spread awareness of the significant environmental benefits of energy storage solutions. The announcement coincides with the celebration of Bellona’s 30-year anniversary.

“I am proud to make this announcement with Bellona,” said Brent Perry, chief executive of PBES. “We are very excited at the prospect of providing high quality energy storage that will improve quality of life in the global community by reducing dependence on fossil fuels and increasing the performance of renewable energy.”

Norwegian environmental foundation Bellona has a long history of environmental work. Their efforts and pressure on government and industry have led to policy and regulatory change all over Europe. Norwegian authorities have introduced many initiatives for zero emission solutions. The market for electric vehicles in Norway, which is Europe’s largest, is a result of Bellona’s long-term work with fossil-free solutions. Bellona and PBES are aligned in a vision of a future where the needs of industry and the environment need not be mutually exclusive.

“While we are a for-profit company, we are also very focused on providing technology and products that enable increased energy efficiency and reduced impact to the environment,” continued Perry. “We believe that industry and environment no longer need be at odds, and in cooperation with an organization like Bellona, PBES can provide meaningful positive change and at the same time provide high quality power for industrial consumers.”

Bellona President Frederic Hauge, remarked, “reducing emissions from industry and land and sea transport is crucial to fulfill the mutual commitment agreed by 174 countries at COP21. PBES’ Technology and solutions represents an important contribution to reach these goals, and we are delighted to work with their dedicated team of engineers and subject matter experts.”

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