The Hybrid Superyacht – the ultimate in freedom & efficiency

Unlike conventional vessels, the hybrid superyacht allows a choice between traditional power generation or a clean onboard energy source. Efficiency is given a high premium, and energy storage maximizes efficiency while increasing performance, safety and comfort.

Battery only operation of the yacht provides the ultimate beach club and dinner cruise experience; no noise, vibration or generator fumes. With energy storage, the yacht can stay independent of shore power longer to use undersized shore power facilities. The vessel can now stay in marinas, ports and anchorages previously impossible due to strict “no-generator” regulations.

Load control of the diesel engines ensures that they are kept at the most efficient and cleanest state. Increased efficiency decreases maintenance costs and breakdowns, while increasing guest comfort and safety.

Safety is dramatically increased on the hybrid vessel as the energy storage system becomes the ultimate in back-up power, eliminating black outs and providing the ship’s crew valuable energy reserves for navigation and propulsion in the event of an emergency. In addition, failures of the onboard AV/IT systems due to power outages are eliminated.

Example System – 260kWh Energy Storage System


•Hours of silent generator-free power

• Hours of silent running for dinner cruises

• Zero noise or air pollution when in ports with undersized shore power

• Shore power peak shaving making the smallest of ports accessible

• Propulsion system and electrical system100% backed up

• Fuel Savings of 20-30%

• Zero emissions when in battery only mode, allows for clean watersports and swimming time

• Emission savings of 10-20% when in hybrid mode from correctly loaded generators