Høglund Marine Automation offers PBES energy storage to marine customers

Trondheim, Norway – December 1, 2016 – PBES and Høglund Marine Automation today announced a partnership agreement to industrial quality energy storage for hybrid and fully electric commercial marine vessels. The partnership agreement underscores the on-going green shift that is now occurring in the commercial marine industry.

Leading marine controls and automation company Høglund sees the future. Commercial vessels increasingly rely on automation in day-to-day operation. In keeping with their cutting edge thinking and innovative designs, adding energy storage maximizes efficiency potential and environmental stewardship together.

“The hybrid power system of today is smart, proven technology, designed for ease of integration and uninterrupted performance,” said Brent Perry, Chief Executive, PBES. “With robust and secure management systems, PBES energy storage is ideally suited to support and optimize the automated systems Høglund Marine is currently supplying to the industry”.

“We are pleased to announce the partnership with PBES,” stated Høglund Marine Automation’s Chief Executive Børge Nogva. “We see the future of shipping and believe it will be increasingly automation based. PBES’ technology and commitment to safety and quality fit well with our own and help establish us as a leader in the automated systems of tomorrow”.

The PBES energy storage system has been designed to the highest standards. Known for its focus on safety, performance and value, the PBES system is designed to seamlessly integrate with all top OEM propulsion systems.


About Høglund Marine Automation

Høglund Marine Automation is a well-reputed automation company of long standing that delivers high-quality automation products and services to marine installations of all types. The solutions that the company proposes include systems for alarms and monitoring, energy and power management, ship performance monitoring, gas detection and fuel control, emergency shutdown functionalities and more. They are installed on a wide variety of vessels, from offshore units and cargo carriers to ferries and fishing vessels. With subsidiaries in Korea, Singapore and Romania, and trained representatives in every key maritime location, Høglund offers 24/7 support to customers worldwide.