High power marine energy storage system industry best at >15,000 cycles

PBES Norway AS today announced the achievement of an historic milestone of greater than 15,000 discharge cycles in their high power energy storage system. With this improvement in cycle life, the PBES system delivers the industry benchmark for available performance, safety and value.

Cycle Life Graph_2017-01-17

The combination of the best available cell with the industry leading thermal management provides customers with the highest possible value. The constantly optimized core temperature of the advanced PBES system assures the long system life and most number of cycles. PBES is now the industry leader with greater than 15,000 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge maintaining 80% state of health.

“PBES continually strives to make a better quality battery. While other companies focus on making them cheaper, our focus is to improve safety, quality and system life for the industrial end user”, said Grant Brown, Vice President of Marketing for PBES. “By maintaining optimal core temperature for the cells, the PBES modules maximize lifespan and, value for the customer”.

Recognized for expertise in industrial energy storage, and premium service and support, PBES energy storage systems are designed to power hybrid and full electric industrial applications. Ferries, offshore supply vessels, wind farm support vessels, tugboats, port equipment and super yachts all benefit from PBES technology.