PBES CEO Brent Perry spoke last week at the ENOVA conference in Trondheim, Norway about the transition to a fossil-free society. Enova, owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, helps development of sustainable technology in Norway to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In September 2016, Enova announced $5.5 million toward the new build Hurtigruten hybrid expedition ships – a milestone towards Hurtigruten’s goal of fully electric expeditionary vessels.

Mr. Perry, a global expert in hybrid technology, spoke about the revolution in marine transportation, which is being facilitated by energy storage, particularly in Northern Europe. Norway’s great prosperity was once based solely on the oil and gas industry and now, during the oil and gas downturn, a new pillar to the economy will supplement and support economic growth. Industrial energy storage is now being referred to as “the new oil”.

With Norway’s 2030 Climate Neutrality goal as a guiding “North Star”, focus is now shifting towards electrification of marine transportation – due to its major contribution to the overall emissions problem. Hybrid and fully electric marine installations have shown not only environmental, but great fiscal payback. It is partly because improved efficiency provides rapid return on investment, that it has become so ubiquitous in the Norwegian marine industry.

As noted by Mr. Perry in his presentation, the Norwegian marine industry is leading the way to environmental sustainability and the rest of the world will follow.

The future of marine transportation is silent and emission free.