A boat manufacturer in the Gaspésie region is working to design an electric fishing boat, which would be the first in America.

Below is a translated excerpt from an article released in French by Stephanie Gendron in the Journal De Quebec, published on February 25, 2017. Read full article at www.journaldequebec.com

“Technology exists, batteries exist, electric motors exist, all that remains is to integrate them into a fishing boat”, says the president of Ocean Marine, Danny Boyle.

The company wants to meet this challenge by the 2018 fishing season. At start-up phase, six jobs will be created.

“For fishermen, the first advantage of a ship that runs on electricity is the absence of noise. This problem, which can be harmful in the long run and can create hearing problems for the crew, is eliminated. There is also a reduction in pollution, “says Boyle.

As fishing vessels are constantly idling, but the engine is still running, it seems logical to eliminate diesel as a source of energy, according to Boyle.

The first boat manufactured will be hybrid, it will be equipped with a small diesel-powered generator that will be used to recharge the battery while the boat is not moving. But Mr. Boyle’s goal is to design a boat that will be 100% electric.

The company will first target lobster fishermen in Gaspé. Their ships are old and ready to be replaced. The company, which is based in Chandler, in the Gaspé region, also has plans to focus on Norway.

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