“Long term strategy and sustainability is the same thing”

Low and zero emissions technology in the maritime sector has gained a lot of attention in recent years, especially in Norway. The increase of electric systems in different applications  is considered a key opportunity for Norway to sustain their leadership role in maritime technology development. At the forefront of this development is Erik Ianssen, the man who in 2012 decided to build the world’s first battery powered fishing vessel in Trondheim, Norway.

With the goal of reducing Norway’s diesel consumption by 80 million liters, there is no lack of ambition. Ianssen is convinced that new technology is the key to achieving this goal, and that the city of Trondheim will play an important role in this technology development:

I believe the time is long overdue for a technology transformation in the maritime sector, and Trondheim has a great opportunity to become the national center for this technology development.  –Erik Ianssen, Founder and CEO of Selfa Arctic


Trondheim, Norway – The Technology Capital

Trondheim holds some of Northern Europe’s most prominent research institutions, as well as it is the world’s first testing area for autonomous ships. The city has demonstrated itself as a leader in maritime technology with the development of the first of its kind fishing vessel using battery-electric propulsion. The vessel, MF Karoline, was developed in Trondheim by Ianssen’s boat building company Selfa Arctic AS. After searching all over Europe for an electric drive system with batteries, Selfa selected Siemens, which was conveniently located only two kilometers from the place where the vessel was built. This is a perfect illustration of the richness of what this technology center offers.

Since the vessel was launched, it has been monitored to gather data for research purposes. The organization that has been logging this data and studying the vessel performance, also happens to be in Trondheim. The information gathered from the vessel has been valuable in better understanding how battery technology can be applied in the fishing industry.

PBES is proud to be located in this center of this prosperous maritime technology environment and contribute to, and benefit from, the knowledge, and technical expertise of the area.

Erik Ianssen Bio:

  • Erik Ianssen is a Norwegian boat builder, environmentalist and technology enthusiast
  • Selfa Arctic AS was established in 1979 by Erik Ianssen, and consists of two plants with 40 employees
  • Selfa Arctic has delivered about 800 coastal fishing vessels, and is the market leader in Norway for fishing vessels less than 15m