PBES keynote presentation at Interferry 2017

The maritime industry has long been the elephant in the room when global fossil fuel emissions are evaluated. How do we reconcile the enormous cost to our world of continued unabated use of fossil fuels to power our fleet of commercial vessels? These vessels are vital to our economy, transporting people and goods across the oceans to reach markets. Until recently, the commercial fleet has been unrestricted due to their importance to trade.

Soren Danig, VP Business Solutions in Denmark, recently delivered a keynote at the annual Interferry conference in Split, Croatia about the industrial evolution of zero emission ships of today.

Bringing the electric revolution to the seas has reduced emissions but also proven to be financially profitable to ship owners. The use of energy storage to provide power for emission free operation is here today. Using this industrial evolution of propulsion, the marine industry is able to lower operational costs and provide meaningful return on investment all while doing its part in the fight against climate change.

Now more then ever it is apparent that the marine industry must act on climate change.  Recent global climate events underscore the need to shift away from traditional fossil fuel as a power source. New national and international regulations are forcing operators, owners and shipbuilders to look at alternate sources of propulsion energy, the most effective of which is energy storage in the form of lithium batteries used to hybridize and fully electrify ships.

Watch the full presentation below, and visit the Interferry conference website to watch all the video presentations here.