PBES bringing the electric revolution to the seas at COP23

PBES will be having its voice heard at COP23 next week in Bonn, Germany. PBES CEO Brent Perry will be speaking at three sessions during the weeklong event. Our focus in marine electric infrastructure and technology, will provide insight as to how big industry will plug into a cleaner, cheaper and more climate friendly system. The maritime industry has long been the elephant in the room when global fossil fuel emissions are evaluated. How do we reconcile the enormous cost to our world of continued unabated use of fossil fuels to power our fleet of commercial vessels? Until recently, the commercial fleet has been unrestricted due to their importance to trade.


This year’s UN Climate Summit will be held in Bonn, Germany 6 – 17 November. PBES will be part of several events including:

Ambition 1.50 C Global Shipping’s Action Plan – November 13, 2017

The Shipping Industry has committed itself to take a “Fair Share” on emission reductions. The conference will create a Global Shipping´s Action Plan that helps to achieve these targets.

Brent will be taking part in the technology panel (Inspiration focus), that will be kicking off proceedings at 1030-1100.

Event details: https://www.shippingambition1o5c.com/about.html


Bellona COP23 Event – Organized by: The Bellona Foundation and Nordic Council

Taking the Electric Revolution to the Seas

Nordic countries – Norway in particular- have during the last three years experienced a surge in new builds and orders for ships powered by batteries. This session will explain how policy frameworks and green procurement practices have fostered the establishment of maritime battery production and a massive electrification of ferries. Speakers include representatives from Wartsila, tour operator The Fjords, Yara International, battery manufacturer PBES and The Bellona Foundation.

Wednesday 15 November, 12:30 PM – 13:25 PM, Nordic Pavilion, Bonn Zone

Policy coherence in electric infrastructure on land and at sea.

Ensuring compatible technologies and setting common standards are key to kick starting Europe’s electric revolution. But the market is changing fast. This calls for a fine balance between standardization and leaving room for innovation. This event will highlight infrastructure needs, synergies between land and sea transport infrastructure, and policy coherence. Speakers include representatives from ferry company Color Line, battery manufacturer PBES, Wärtsilä, Nordic Council and Bellona Europa.

Thursday 16 November, 13:30 PM – 15:00 PM, Nordic pavilion, Bonn Zone

Full program details: https://network.bellona.org/content/uploads/sites/3/2017/10/Bellona-COP-23-Event-Program.pdf