Winter in Finland won’t stop Elektra from meeting her mission

PBES is proud to announce the contract, supply, and installation of the 1MWh battery on Elektra. Launched in June of 2017, the vessel celebrates 6 months of service and is Finland’s first purpose built battery electric ferry.

“PBES energy storage provides Elektra with clean, quiet, fossil free power,” said Grant Brown, Vice President Marketing at PBES. “Due to patented CellCoolTM technology the battery may be recharged in 5 minutes and at end of life it may be refurbished and upgraded to reduce electronic waste using PBES CellSwapTM.”

Elektra has an overall length of 98m, beam of 15m and draft of 3.55m, with five lanes to accommodate up to 90 cars. She travels her 1.6 km route across the Finnish archipelago year round. Due to heavy ice conditions in the winter months, she carries auxiliary power generation equipment to augment the battery when needed.

In 2017 PBES installed more than 15MWh of energy storage to marine markets around the world, making it the leader in delivered product in the industry. The PBES energy storage system has been engineered to the highest standards of performance and safety and is designed to seamlessly integrate with the electrical infrastructure on the vessel.