Clean Energy Solution Company Provides Critical Support to Zero Emissions Wind Power Project in North Sea

London, 10 NOVEMBER 2021:  Shift Clean Energy is excited to be part of the UK Government’s bold Operation Zero initiative, announced today by the UK Department for Transport as part of COP26. 

Shift is partnering with ORE Catapult and providing its innovative PwrSwäp service to a major wind farm project in the North Sea. PwrSwäp will provide energy for critical service and operations vessels, enabling them to shift to zero emissions. Shift president Paul Hughes was in Glasgow for the ministerial announcement of Operation Zero.

Shift and its PwrSwäp system is also part of several winning projects in the UK’s Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition.

PwrSwäp was officially launched in London at the end of October. Shift has already announced significant projects in Rotterdam and Singapore. The practical pay-as-you-go PwrSwäp service gives customers clean energy with more reliability and less risk. Based on Shift’s best-in-class energy storage systems, PwrSwäp creates a seamless system of switching batteries to enable continuous energy flow. The “swap and drop” process is enabled by the unequalled safety standards of Shift’s batteries. Batteries and charging stations are at the core of PwrSwäp, but the system also has the ability to add on new renewable energy sources such as offshore wind. This integrated approach can electrify ports, terminals, inland waterway vessels, industrial sites and even entire isolated communities.

Under Shift’s innovative service system, customers don’t build or own the batteries or charging stations. Shift owns the assets and sells the energy to subscribers in the PwrSwäp service.  Shift pays for the transition of marine vessels to electrification. The customers pay for the energy they use, and swap batteries when that energy is depleted. This means customers do not have to invest in expensive up-front costs or take on the technology transition risk.

“Customers save money from day one while meeting their climate action goals,” said Shift CEO Brent Perry. “PwrSwap delivers a ready-made clean energy solution that is faster, better and cheaper. We are changing the game — like Uber or Amazon have. Our ‘Swapping’ system means there is no lag time for PwrSwap customers, such as short sea shipping customers. Our uniquely safe and robust batteries give us the ability to deliver this service. If you are serious about taking action on climate change now and want an approach with the fewest risks to you and your company, Shift has the solution.”  

Originally founded in 2019, Shift Clean Energy is well-known for its electrification of ferries and similar short sea vessels in Scandinavia. Recently the company has been expanding operations in Europe and Asia, and now has representatives in Canada, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK, India, Australia, New Zealand and the UAE, as well as key partnerships in many additional countries.