Shift Clean Energy has once again expanded its team, welcoming Lasse Agger Antonisen as its new Head of Solutions for EMENA in August, and Sietse Nap as Vice President of Energy Solutions in September. 

With a wealth of experience in sales, commercial development, and marine and offshore industries, Lasse joined the team this summer as the Head of Solutions for EMENA. Lasse will be driving the development of the company’s ESS solutions, providing consultative support to Shift’s customers, and leading the solutions team itself. 

“Seeing the purpose-driven model Shift has established is what makes it clear that the company will continue to be successful,” says Lasse. “Commercialism is a multi-faceted thing: it’s built on return-on-investment, longevity, business and operational needs. And in this case, regulatory requirements. This is what Shift has managed to develop, a solution which meets each of these objectives, and that has unique selling points . 

“There is a lot to be done here, and I’m keen to get stuck in,  It is great to see that the internal buy-in is already there, the teams understand and care about the goal of the business. From top to bottom.” 

Sietse, who joins Shift with over a decade of sales, marine and energy experience, will focus largely on the market development and adoption of PwrSwäp, the industry’s first pay-as-you-go energy subscription service. Working closely with Shift’s teams and customers in tandem, Sietse will oversee the end-to-end adoption of PwrSwäp, globally. 

“What struck me the most was the product,” said Sietse. “I’ve spent time in roles where I felt less enthusiastic about the product, and what it worked towards. But with Shift, PwrSwäp is something totally new to the industry. It’s captured the need to adopt alternative energy solutions for reduced emissions, without sacrificing profits – which is the precise algorithm businesses are looking for.” 

“We’re at the start of something truly exciting here. In 10 or 15 years, I want to be able to say that we’ve pioneered electrification. And I know we will do just that.” 

“It’s no coincidence that Lasse and Sietse have joined us at a time of exponential growth for Shift,” said Brent Perry, CEO and co-founder of the company. “We’re seeing a vast number of businesses opt for battery technology to hybridise or fully electrify their operations. Keeping up with that level of demand requires our own operations to expand at a consistent pace. Which they are.” 

News about the growing team follows Shift’s recent announcements of their growing partnership network. In the past two weeks, the company revealed its proprietary ESS technology will be used in 17 new hybrid and electric tugboats to effectively reduce emissions and harmful NOx gas, whilst continuing to support efficient operations. 

It was also announced that PwrSwäp will be used to power the first all-electric battery swapping vessel, the Hydromover in the Port of Singapore, one of maritime’s leading ports – a significant step forward for battery technology and alternative energy solutions. 

“We push the envelope at Shift – I think that’s always been clear. We do things differently, see things differently, grow differently from other energy providers. Lasse and Sietse fit into that need extremely well, and it’s already clear they’ll each be bringing valuable knowledge and experience to our solutions – Lasse at the helm to steer progress, and Sietse as an integral facilitator of our PwrSwäp solution.” 

Welcome to both new additions to the team.