Today, we’re announcing that our founder, Brent Perry, will be retiring from his position as CEO of Shift Clean Energy (Shift).

For over 14 years, Brent’s tireless work has paved the way for marine decarbonization, introducing Shift as the market provider of choice for energy storage solutions.

His dedication and commitment to tackling Maritime’s emissions has played a significant role in the rise of battery technology across the industry, and his leadership helped establish a new way of thinking about cleaner, more accessible energy. Brent will continue to support Shift as a founder and promoter of decarbonization and ESS solutions globally.

As the business transitions to this new era, we are pleased to welcome Yinson Group’s Gary Doyle as interim CEO. Gary has over 25 years of experience in expertly steering the growth and development of businesses worldwide. Paul Hughes, our Co-Founder and President, will remain central to Shift’s development and continued impact.

At Shift, our vision remains unchanged. As we expand into key maritime regions, we’re supporting more customers on their decarbonization journey than ever before, leading the charge for innovative, viable electrification across vessels and operations.

We look forward to taking this next step in our company’s journey alongside our customers, partners, and investors.

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