Hybrid & Electric Power for Wind Farm Support Vessels – Bringing Clean Energy Full Circle

The European offshore wind farm industry is booming. In 2015, 3,10MW of grid-connected capacity was added, 108% more than in the last 10 years! With this growth comes a need for evolution in service vessels that support the industry. Energy storage technology is a major part of the current evolution of the maritime industry; hybrid […]

Big Days for PBES Norway !

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The first shipments using our custom designed packaging are leaving our Trondheim facility. The ability to stack our battery modules on pallets makes for higher density of goods, reducing costs and minimizing the environmental impact of transportation by roughly half. The packaging is manufactured locally in Trondheim and is fully recyclable; further reducing waste.  PBES is […]

North America’s first electric fishing boat?

A boat manufacturer in the Gaspésie region is working to design an electric fishing boat, which would be the first in America. Below is a translated excerpt from an article released in French by Stephanie Gendron in the Journal De Quebec, published on February 25, 2017. Read full article at “Technology exists, batteries exist, […]

World’s First Electric Aquaculture Support Vessel

Norwegian aquaculture company Salmar Farming has recently launched the world’s first electric aquaculture support vessel. The newly christened Elfrida uses batteries and power electronics from Siemens, which are charged overnight, and provide ample power to run throughout the day. Norwegian battery technology continues to show its robust nature in the workboat industry, reducing costs through […]

Watch Brent Perry Speaks at ENOVA 2017

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PBES CEO Brent Perry spoke last week at the ENOVA conference in Trondheim, Norway about the transition to a fossil-free society. Enova, owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, helps development of sustainable technology in Norway to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In September 2016, Enova announced $5.5 million toward the new build Hurtigruten […]

PBES Norway AS Announces Historic Cycle Life Milestone

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High power marine energy storage system industry best at >15,000 cycles PBES Norway AS today announced the achievement of an historic milestone of greater than 15,000 discharge cycles in their high power energy storage system. With this improvement in cycle life, the PBES system delivers the industry benchmark for available performance, safety and value. The […]

What does China’s energy transformation mean for the world?

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Watch Peggy Liu discuss China’s energy transformation at the ZERO conference in Norway.  

PBES CEO Brent Perry Speaks at ZERO Conference in Norway

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PBES presented and exhibited at the ZERO conference in Oslo this year.  Watch Brent speak about the future of clean energy and energy storage, along with Kjetil Bohn of Quantafuel and Morten Johansen of Splitkon AS.    

PBES Norway and Høglund Marine Automation announce Partnership Agreement

Press Release
Høglund Marine Automation offers PBES energy storage to marine customers Trondheim, Norway – December 1, 2016 – PBES and Høglund Marine Automation today announced a partnership agreement to industrial quality energy storage for hybrid and fully electric commercial marine vessels. The partnership agreement underscores the on-going green shift that is now occurring in the commercial marine […]

Siemens Study found 7 out of 10 ferries are more profitable after conversion to electrical propulsion

Thanks to a growing number of initiatives focusing on the transition to green energy sources and electrification, we now see that it is entirely technologically possible to replace diesel engines with battery-powered electric motors. Not only is it technologically possible to replace diesel engines with battery-powered electric motors but in Denmark alone, 30 ferry routes […]

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