ZESTAs to Hold Zero Emissions Shipping Conference During COP26 Glasgow

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Sterling PlanB Announces Sponsorship of SHIP ZERO Conference Glasgow, Scotland UK; 14 JULY 2021: The Zero Emission Ship Technology Association (ZESTAs)  announces SHIP ZERO – Charging to True Zero  – an in-person, three-day conference which provides an opportunity for the international shipping sector to chart a course to true zero emissions for trans-oceanic shipping. Taking […]

Startup Battery Solution Reduces Fuel Dependence in the Maritime Industry

Published In Port of Seattle on October 19, 2020. Link to the article can be found here. By Omie Drawhorn | Marketing & Communications Project Manager, Port of Seattle Washington Maritime Blue, the Port of Seattle, and WeWork Labs have partnered to launch Washington’s first maritime accelerator to help maritime companies innovate and grow. New ideas in […]

Advances in Battery Safety and Technology: Energy Storage Safety; Lessons Learned in Practical Application

Published In Energetica India on October 9, 2020 by News Bureau. Link to the article can be found here. By Brent Perry | CEO, Sterling PBES Battery technology has evolved very quickly, but the lithium-ion energy storage industry is still relatively young. As of today, there are few commercial systems that can claim to have […]

Full Disclosure

All-electric and hybrid vessels offer demonstrable cost savings as well as environmental and operational benefits. However, Grant Brown of Sterling PBES is calling for a more holistic and transparent approach to battery system evaluation, which includes a firm focus on safety factors as well as life-cycle and ‘add-on’ costs Published in Bunkerspot by Grant Brown. […]

Want Electric Ships? Build a Better Battery

Large container ships are a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, but electrifying the world’s fleet faces steep technological hurdles. Published in WIRED Magazine, By Daniel Oberhaus, March 19, 2020 https://www.wired.com/story/want-electric-ships-build-a-better-battery/ LATER THIS YEAR, the world’s largest all-electric container ship is expected to take its maiden voyage, setting sail from a port in Norway and traveling […]

Determining Value in Energy Storage

Comparing total cost of ownership against bare cost of batteries MarineLink March 15, 2020 https://www.marinelink.com/sponsored/pressrelease/determining-value-in-energy-storage-100383 Introduction In the 10 years since I started the first company dedicated to producing specialist lithium ion batteries for the marine industry, there has been a huge uptake from the market. In the very early days, I would tell people […]

Flying the Flag for Battery Power at the IMO

It has been encouraging to see SPBES being asked to feed into high-level discussions on decarbonisation at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). Decarbonisation is one of the most important issues of our time, and battery-based solutions are clearly a big part of that. In April 2018, IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) adopted an initial […]

A Battery Room Fire

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]“In the rush to make technology affordable- we cannot avoid all the necessary steps to stay true to the reality of our markets- Safety is first and paramount always.” Batteries have made incredible progress in the last ten years and are an integral part of the solution- financially, environmentally and socially. Our thoughts go out […]

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